Friday, 28 April 2017

Some Zumba boosts of late

I have recently picked up a new Zumba class, which has been a lot of fun. Instead of a "normal" gym class, it is a corporate class. I really love when big companies sees the benefits of organizing fitness/group classes IN-HOUSE for their employees.
I teach at the end of their workday twice a week, which means they can come straight from their desk to do their workout in the same building, be done within an hour and go home and have the rest of the day to themselves. Great initiative! It has been quite a boost to have got this solid little group going, they are super excited each time and the atmosphere is great.

I also ordered some new Zumba wear the other day, and whereas it can be a bit hit and miss if it fits once it arrives, this fit perfectly! I do adore all the soft, loose-fitting, pyjama-feel Zumba apparel, just my style. New Zumba clothes always make you feel really good!

Another thing that made me feel good was discovering myself on the gym wall the other day! I have been teaching at the same gym chain for nearly two years already, and I was asked to write this bio of myself many months ago. I hadn't seen it posted anywhere on the walls before! So I got ridiculously happy about that, and very proud of course!

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