Sunday, 26 June 2016

Midsummer 2016

Our third "Swedish Midsummer" in the sandpit. This year we celebrated at our house with another couple of families, and all our Swedish decorations had come out! We had Midsummer poles, Dalecarlian horses, flags, flowers for the hair etc, it looked really festive!

All the lovely kids, dressed up so nicely for the occasion!

My IKEA-wreath is on it's third Midsummer, and I still love it so much!

We had way too much food, as per usual - all the favourites, yum, yum! We ate and ate and ate, for hours... Herring and potatoes tastes just as good when it's 45 degrees outside!

Petra, Pia and I:


For dessert I had made a NZ Pavlova, I think actually one of my best! It was super delicious! Mmm!

We didn't stop there, we continued later in the evening with a delicious cheese board, oh my, so much food!! What a great day!

Such a lovely way of spending Midsummer, with fab food and the best company! I love to celebrate all our different holidays, some gets even better slightly improvised like this. Happy Midsummer! ❤️

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