Friday, 10 June 2016

Early Midsummer in the sandpit

Yesterday we were invited to an early celebration of Swedish Midsummer (which this year is the 24th June) at our friends house. They are leaving for summer holiday a couple of weeks before school is out, so the party had to be this weekend.
They had decorated so nicely with blue and yellow balloons and streamers, and even a traditional Midsummer Pole! Here's Pia, Annica and me:

Last year they had done the party on the beach, with 'Små Grodorna'-dancing around the Midsummer pole and everything. But this year because Ramadan has started already, the party had to be indoors.

I'm dry for the next few weeks until I take off on summer holidays, but even though I couldn't enjoy the Finish salmiak shots or Swedish Akvavit, I did enjoy the huge spread of food! Mmm!

It was actually nice enough temperature to be able to still sit outside on their balcony. Quite mild, and with a lovely breeze.
Strawberries and cheese cake, delicious end to a fab Midsummer meal!

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