Thursday, 18 February 2016

Linnea's Souk Day

One of the more anticipated events on the Grade Four calendar, is the yearly Grade Four Souk Day.
Lately the Grade Fours have learned about, researched in to, and in groups formulated their own businesses, as part of the 'How We Organise Ourselves' Unit of Inquiry. Linnea was in a group called 'Super Strike', and they set up a stall with a 10 pin bowling challenge.

There was a little bit of everything going on around campus, items for sale, such as little trinkets and edible stuff - lots of cookie stands etc. Different challenges where you could win a prize were also popular - like this pie face challenge, that Linnea took three times..!

Each group had to calculate possible supply and demand scenarios for their stall, and figure out how best to meet this with price points, and quantity to bring on the day.
They had to think of who would be responsible for which different aspect of the business, and in Linnea's group, she took it upon herself to buy the candy for the prizes, of course.

During the day, not only parents were invited to come and take part in the Souk Day, but also all the other students at school were asked to come and participate. I managed to time my visit really well, as I got to see Lucas come and support his sister's stall during his break.

After Souk Day, the groups had to work out the real profit or loss of their stall. Linnea's was happy that they had made a profit of close to 250 dhs. As done in the past, the money will all be going to a charity. I haven't heard yet which one that has been chosen, but I'm sure it will be to a worthy cause.

What a fun project!

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