Saturday, 20 February 2016

Doggy Day Out

Today we took Oakley out to the Al Bahya Sanctuary not very far from where we live. The Al Bahya Sanctuary is an Emirati owned private farm, and Abu Dhabi's first Sanctuary. They are working to educate adults and children in order to improve the animal welfare situation in the United Arab Emirates. They also invite schools to visit their Sanctuary.

They have an Open Day for dogs and pet-parents every 3rd Saturday of the month, when you can come and let the dogs off leash and have a run around and play with other dogs.
There was a lot of dogs from different breeds and in different sizes, and apart from a few that had a bit of a growl with each other, everyone was playing nicely.

There are currently 2 ponies, 5 donkeys, 7 dogs, around 70 cats and 3 porcupines living at the Sanctuary.

Oakley had so much fun! So much so that he didn't listen (or even acknowledge us even) at all... Hm... Might have to work on that.

He made a very good friend in Riley, who was one of the puppies from the other litter of pups we had a look at when we picked Oakley out. They played and played and played and played!

A good afternoon for both Oakley and us, we all made some new friends and we will definitely try and come back next month!

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