Wednesday, 9 September 2015

In the right direction

School timings have changed for our school this year and the kids are starting their school day slightly earlier than last year. It's only changed by 15 minutes, so it hasn't affected us much in the mornings. We were already leaving that little bit earlier because Lucas now being in Secondary, have to be in his Advisory room straight after the first bell.
Our school is growing so with these new timings, they are able to stagger the lunch breaks for the students, so it wont be too crowded in the canteen and the playgrounds.

We leave for school around 7.20 in the mornings, and this morning when we came outside to get in the car, Linnea said:
- Oh Mummy, it's a bit cool outside today!

Well, while it was still 32 degrees so "cool" might not quite be the fair description, it was for sure cooler than last week, when it was already 37-38 degrees that early in the morning! But she was right, the wind was actually not hairdryer-warm this morning, so I guess the temperatures are going in the right direction, and rather fast too! Yay!
Won't be long now, and we will have some lovely 15 degrees in the mornings again!

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