Monday, 28 September 2015

Baby A

During our long summer holiday away, our next door neighbours unfortunately moved out. Only down the road to Dubai, but still; no more chats in our back garden across the wall, or quick little plays with the puppies - or baby A!
The other day they were up in Abu Dhabi and came over to say a quick hello. So lovely to see them, baby A had obviously changed a lot since we had last seen them, and now he could walk! Although he was mostly interested in playing with Lucas' Nerf guns... Only a year old, but things that go "Bang!" - what's not to like?

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  1. Hi Mrs. Watson,
    Good day,.
    I have been searching blogs for life in Brunei vs UAE and came across your blog. I am a doctor and am currenty working in Muscat. I am planning to change job next year and i am left with a tough decision to make the choice between brunei and Abu Dhabi ( RIPAS hospital of Brunei vs Ahalya hospital of Abu dhabi).

    Since you have lived in both places, how do you compare them ? . I know about the weather. I lived in Brunei back in 2007 just for 6 months and that was not long enough. I have 2 kids, and my wife is a housewife. Elder daughter is in grade 2 and goes to Muscat International school here ( cambridge syllabus) and the younger one is just 3 months old.

    In terms of life, culture, people, and most importantly for kids, which place do you consider better ?

    I am extremely sorry to ask so many questions and please accept my apologies. Please ignore if you are not comfortable answering.

    Have a great day and thanks a lot in advance.