Monday, 16 February 2015

Fab at 40

The kids and I drove up to Dubai over the weekend, to participate in my friend Hilary's 40th celebrations. We started out at her house on Friday morning, with the gift opening - one very lucky birthday girl got spoiled with wonderful and thoughtful gifts.

We also got to enjoy a very unique rendition of 'Happy Birthday', played by four hands on the piano:

Then it was time for a celebratory Friday Brunch down at the Dubai Creek Golf Club. Lovely views!

While we enjoyed the food and drink, the kids were entertained in the special kids room. Actually, I think our kids are actually a bit too old now for these kind of kids rooms, but since they are still a bit too young to sit through a four hour brunch, this is where they will have to be.
I actually didn't see them at all during the afternoon, except for when Linnea wanted a photo of Henry and her after their face paint. Lucas did say afterward that it was a bit boring, so lucky he had his ipad with him.

Cake time!

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