Thursday, 30 June 2016

Las Zumberas!

This morning I did my last Zumba session before my summer break. I was so lucky to pick up this regular Zumba cover this whole month of June. Most of the big gyms where I normally teach, reduced their schedules during Ramdan, and moved any group classes to evening time, but I just can't teach at 10 or 11pm!

This cover I got, was for three morning classes a week - perfect!
The class was made up of a good group of girls who all have come to know each other well, so the atmosphere has been amazing. The girls also all turned out to be really good Zumba students, who followed queuing and direction super well. (Kudos to Mariana, their normal Zumba instructor!)
It certainly put some extra pressure on me that it was mostly the same students three times a week. I have had to vary my playlists and constantly bring out new choreographies, different rhythms and I have worked hard to keep making it fun, each class.

I have truly enjoyed teaching this way, with regular students, and I have made a few new friends too. These two Spanish chicas have been to nearly every class, and they are the closest thing you get to Zumba superfans!

And also this lovely Lebanese lady (who actually speaks Swedish!), who has been to all but one of all the classes I have covered, that's dedication to your fitness!

Always in happy Zumba gear, always in their special spots in the front row and always with the biggest smiles on their faces..! Thank you girls for making this boring month of June that much more fun and colourful for me! I will miss you!

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  1. Oh my gosh! You got me all tearful! It's been great to have you as an instructor. So much fun! Loved your classes, your energy and your dedication. We have learned from you and had fun with you. It cannot get any better!!

    Hope to see you again after the summer break. Have a love one!!