Sunday, 19 June 2016

"Pearls are always appropriate"

I don't actually quite agree with the above quote, by Jackie Kennedy, as I'm not really a "pearl girl". Occasionally I will wear tiny pearl earrings, and I think the same look is cute on Linnea, but I don't like big pearl necklaces or bracelets. It's just not my thing and I wonder if it will ever be.
Although after our pearl diving trip, I was really keen on doing something nice with the pearl that Lucas found for us, and today was the day!

Pia and I spent another day in Dubai. We dropped our little jobs off at the Gold & Diamond Park this morning, went for lunch (yes, behind screens in the food court) at Mall of the Emirates and a bit of a browse; then back for an afternoon coffee to wait for our things to be ready, and home late tonight after having picked them up.

We were both so pleased with the result! I brought a photo as inspiration for my pearl, this is that photo:

And here is the finished pearl setting. It showcases the pearl beautifully and they did a really good job, especially since the pearl is a natural pearl and in an odd shape.

Pia had no photo, just an idea in her head, and this is the reason why we keep coming back to the same guy for all our gold purchases etc:
She explained her idea to him, he in his turn explained it to the boss of the workshop, who then explained it to his worker, and - it came out exactly how she had pictured it in her head! They just get it. Here it is:

I also had a small gold ring made, some alterations on a couple of other rings and I got my wedding ring fixed up as one of the diamonds had come loose. Unfortunately he didn't have the gold bangle I have been hanging out for, so that will have to be next time. No stress. I also added another little thing to my "to get next time"-list... he he he. I see another visit maybe after the summer..!

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