Saturday, 18 June 2016


I feel like my whole existence is one long countdown at the moment. I'm counting down until the after-school-activities stop, until school is out, until Ramadan is done, until we escape the heat...
It's a struggle to make time pass, especially in this heat. The other day I took the kids to try out the new 'Bounce' trampoline park in Marina Mall. Expensive, but the kids had a lot of fun.

Life in Abu Dhabi in the month of June has proven to be a very different life to the one we used to lead in Brunei this time each year. In Brunei it was always hysterically busy, with leaving-dos and goodbyes, endless school happenings to wrap up the year, before-the-summer meet-ups, dinners, BBQs etc etc.
Here (well, for us) it's the complete opposite, for each day that pass, life seems to slow down even more, and soon I think it will be at a total standstill.

This week haven't been a good week at all for me. Nathan has been working four nights in a row, and with kids in school and not much else to do, I have been utterly bored and slightly down.
I am already over Ramadan and not being able to enjoy a meal out. It's too late to bring the kids out for iftar, and during lunchtime everything is closed - apart from the food court at the Mall, but to be honest, the food court restaurants are not that enticing.

I'm lucky to have picked up a cover for a Zumba class for this whole month. Most gyms only have classes between 8-9pm and midnight during Ramadan, but this class is a morning class, three times a week. So perfect for me! It's with a lovely group of students, we have so much fun; I crave the endorphins and it keeps me ever so slightly busy, and sane. (Plus I get to feel like a disco queen with those silver shoes!)

School winding down, with shorter hours and basically no homework means that the kids have a lot of time to hang out with their friends though. There is sleepovers going on every weekend, playdates, movie visits, swimming etc. Today Linnea got to try some paddle boarding at her friend Grace's house:

And the almost-teens, they "chill out" together:

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