Sunday, 3 July 2016

A welcomed visit

We are nearing the end of Ramadan, and with only one week to go before the kids and I get out of the heat for a bit, things are starting to feel easier. Still, it has been fantastic to have some lovely visitors the last couple of days - the Valle Ferans, who stopped over on their way from Bangkok to Madrid.

Well, it was actually only for a day and a half, but it felt much longer! Maybe because their first evening, we stayed up and talked until 2 am!
Yesterday we took them to Yas Mall, to get everybody out of the house for a little bit. We let the kids go to the movies on their own, which they really enjoyed:

Us adults did a little bit of shopping in the meantime. Some things from the Spanish store Desigual were actually even cheaper here; and Nathan upgrading his phone meant that Isabel also got an upgrade on hers... buying Nathan's old one! Win-win!

We finished off our day with a BBQ dinner, together with our other guests, the Entemanns (more on them in the next post!).
Unfortunately I just discovered that the Madrid flight got four hours delayed last night, after I dropped them off about 1 am; so they are still in route to their final destination. One of the downsides of expat living, all those looong trips to get back home.

I'm so grateful for your Isabel, you are a beautiful person and a great friend. I'm glad we got to catch up, even if it was too short! ❤️

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