Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Slow Saturday

Our Saturday was a quiet day at home for some of us... Nathan got up rather perky already in the morning, but it took quite a while for Andrew to surface; and when he did, he spent the rest of the day on the sofa...

So Anna and I did our own thing!
We went for a yummy lunch at one of my favourite lunch places, Nolus in Al Bandar, and then we returned to Yas Mall to do some more shopping.
After all our trips to Singapore we used to do together when I lived in Brunei, Anna and I have a very good routine when it comes to shopping. We usually like the same shops and we're not much for randomly browsing, we know what we're after, so we're very efficient. Anna needed gifts to bring on her summer holiday for example, so we got all those sorted in a jiffy!

Once Andrew was feeling slightly better, it was already dinner time, and we headed over to the Belgian Beer Café.

Anna and I ordered the same dish, garlic and cream mussles, and it was so good!! I've had their mussel dishes before, but I must say this one was a clear winner, mmm!

A lovely night out!

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