Tuesday, 21 June 2016

A strong shoe game

Lacking anything else to write about at the moment, it's time to turn this into a little bit of a fashion blog! Even though I'm playing in a completely different league to my mother-in-law, a friend of mine commented on one of my new pairs of shoes today and said that "my shoe game is strong"!

(Last time I bought a pair of shoes was back in November/December, before we went to Madrid and I needed a pair of "winter" boots.) Well, this week I've bought FOUR pairs! Two of them were even the same model, in two different colours..:

I got both pairs, because I already have them in black (...) and I know they are the most comfortable wedges I've ever worn. Now that I have three colours to choose from, they will go with anything and everything!

I also got a pair of white sneakers. This is something I had decided I wanted for this summer season. I haven't had white sneakers since I was... ehm... much younger, but I love the look. They probably wont stay white for long, so I chose a pair from a high street brand, I think they look rather funky with the zipper down the side:

Finally I got another cute pair of shoes to wear while in Scandinavia. You are never too sure about the weather, and whereas I have more than enough jandals if it gets hot, I needed some covered shoes. I had been eyeing these up for a while and finally decided that yes, I'll have them too!

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