Monday, 13 June 2016

Hello Cinderella!

Today is Grandmas last day with us for this time. I guess it's time for her to go home, by the time she makes it back to NZ, she will have been away for just over three months!

I am a little bit worried about her packing though, as during her trip she has bought about 15-16 pairs (!) of new shoes! Three pairs here on her first visit, a couple in Aberdeen already when I was there, nine pair in New York and another pair here this week...
Pia and the girls came over for roast lamb dinner last night and Pia didn't have to ask twice to get to see all the shoes - Grandma shot off up the stairs!
She came down like this:

-"These are not ALL my new shoes, these are just the ones I could carry!!" --- LOL!

Pia got to have a good look through most of the shoe bargains, and maybe, just maybe (since Pia and I have a lot the same taste in shoes) it seems like we have to make a trip to the Timberland shop one of these days... Cause those beige slip-ons were really, really nice...

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