Sunday, 5 June 2016

A little trip to A&E

Apart from Lucas hairline fracture, and Nathans trip to the ER on New Years Eve a year and a half ago; we luckily haven't really needed to visit the doctor or the hospital much here.
Last night I ended up having to take Lucas to the A&E though, as he has been complaining of tummy pain the last few days and even though it has come and gone, it seemed to escalate yesterday and in the evening he was in tears from the pain.

Fortunately it wasn't busy at the hospital so we got to see a doctor straight away. He decided to put Lucas on an IV drip to rehydrate him, while they drew some blood to have tested. Lucas was really brave and didn't even flinch when they pricked and poked him.
The drip took about half an hour, and then we had to wait for the results of the blood test and the urine sample he had to provide. Little man fell asleep as it was rather late by then.

It turned out it wasn't anything viral, so we didn't need antibiotics, but got to go home with three different medicines that would help with the nausea, cramp and continued rehydration.
He has perked up a bit today even though he still doesn't have much of an appetite. He's home from school today, and if it hasn't subsided within two days, we have to go back and see the specialist.

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