Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Manic Monday

Five days goes really fast when you are having fun, and Monday got busy trying to have time to do the very last few things before it was time for the Scotts to return to the Abode again.

I had Zumba at ZSC in the morning, so Anna came along and Pia very kindly took her to Haddins Gym for a CrossFit session in the meantime. They could choose between doing the Primal workout (outside...), or the WOD, inside + outside.

Anna thought the outside piggy-backing around the Stadium (...) that finished off the WOD sounded absolutely awful, so they decided to go for the Primal Workout.

The first 12 minutes of burpees and tyre flipping went ok. Although it looked hot and hard to me!

Then they did 12 minutes of sprints... and that was when it started to get to Anna a bit... I guess the heat here is quite different to the Brunei heat, and sprinting back and forth in the sun, in about 43 degrees... wasn't a good idea...

... she needed to go lie down for a little bit. Well, better that then having her fall over!

The last 12 minutes was weighted squats and one arm snatches, slightly in the shade..!
Well even though it was too hot, too sunny and too much cardio for Anna, she did really well! Always good to get a workout in even on holiday!

In the afternoon while I had Zumba at school, Lucas went to his CrossFit Kids and Linnea had her piano lesson - the Scotts took on Ferrari World and the new roller coaster 'Flying Aces' amongst other things. The worlds highest loop!

Monday night for our last meal we took our visitors to Amerigos, a Mexican restaurant. There is no Mexican place in Brunei so it was one of the things they were keen on eating. Amerigos is always a good choice - the others had fajitas and tuna steak and Lucas and I shared some juicy tenderloin, mmm.
Andrew and Linnea engaged in a concentrated game of Hangman.

Again, it was sad to see them go as it felt so normal hanging out and spending time together. It didn't matter at all that it had been two years, Anna and I didn't even stop talking from the moment we woke up on Thursday morning until she left Monday night..! Thank you for coming guys!!

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