Wednesday, 28 September 2022

The Loosening

So, there was a big media briefing on Monday which finally brought some long expected changes in the Covid-restrictions here in the UAE. Finally! Finally! Finally!
From today, the quarantine time if you test positive is brought short to five days and if you only are close contact you don't need to quarantine; but most importantly:

NO. MORE. MASKS. Yaaaaayyyyy!

Well, unless you work in the health sector or the F&B sector or use public transport. You also need to still wear a mask when visiting medical facilities or places of worship. So we are not completely back to normal, just yet.
Still, I'm so happy, especially for Linnea and all the rest of the school kids who will now be able to see each others faces and share smiles, for the first time in over TWO AND A HALF YEARS!

And I have to dig out some lipstick now, for when I go to work next! Ooohh!

Unfortunately the PCR-tests didn't get removed, the validity just got extended to 30 days. It doesn't matter much for our daily life here, but it sure matters for tourists. Many are those who decide to go to another destination for their holiday, instead of mucking around with those tests just to come here.
Ah well, at least "The Loosening" as they have labeled this process, have now started. Hopefully the removal of the PCR-requirement will follow soon too.

Such a coincidence that this announcement came 1000 days after the WHO reported the first Covid-19 case in December 2019. Finally though, finally!

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