Thursday, 22 October 2020

Our baby is 15

Yesterday was Linnea's birthday - FIFTEEN! Can't believe it, where has our baby gone?!

Corona or not, it can't disturb our birthday morning routine - getting woken up by singing, balloons and birthday gifts!

Linnea had prepared a wish list, but she hadn't wished for much. The older the kids get, the smaller the amount of presents. She got some baking accessories, LED-lights to put on her bedhead, books, and some money for her gaming. She also got some little earrings to put in the extra hole she had made in the summer, a gift from Mormor and Morfar; and more cash from the family in NZ.

Since it is school holidays, we had time to set a nice birthday table and all enjoy a big breakfast together in the morning.

We had cake, of course:

In the evening we went out for dinner at one of the restaurants at the Marriott Al Forsan which we hadn't been to before, The Grill. We sat outside which was beautiful, and the meal was really lovely too.

Although I decided against steak and instead I had a beautiful tuna steak, oh my, so good!

And of course we had to share a dessert even though we had already had cake - just so Linnea could blow out another candle! That's what birthdays are for after all!

Happy Birthday dear Linnea! What a great birthday dinner!

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