Sunday, 25 October 2020

A Tippling Afternoon Tea

Yesterday us girls spent the afternoon in company of the White Rabbit and the Queen of Hearts, at an 'Alice in Wonderland'-themed Afternoon Tea Party for Linnea. As rules still are max 4 people at a table, she invited three friends along.

The venue was at the Stratos restaurant, the only revolving restaurant in Abu Dhabi, on the 26th floor of the Royal Meridien Hotel in town. Since we were there for nearly three hours we got the full 360 degree view a few times over, really cool, although I actually experienced a bit of motion sickness even though it rotated super slowly.

The Afternoon Tea set up was with both savoury and sweet. It started with savoury eclairs (surprisingly tasty combo) and scones, together with tea-based mocktails which were theatrically mixed at the table to everyones amusement. They had funny names like "Chilly Mimsy", "The Jabberworky Frabjous" and "The Hatter Mad", and tasted fruity and refreshing.


My friend Susanne and I stayed on as well, but we sat on the other side of the revolving restaurant so that the girls would have some privacy.

Linnea opened presents:

And got a sing-song birthday congratulation performance with her sweet desserts:

We all really enjoyed the food and the view, and tried as many of the mocktails as we could! They were all really delicious. This was the coolest presented mocktail, with dry ice all over!
  A very happy birthday girl in the afternoon sun!

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