Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Tough times

This is a very tough blog post to write, during a very rough time for our family.
Even if this feels very private, it would feel weird not talking about this big, big loss we are experiencing.
Nathan's parents Bruce and Yvonne both passed last week, two days apart.

They both had been battling cancer for quite a while. Unfortunately there was only one way it was going, so they decided to stop their treatment instead of, like Nathan's Dad Bruce said "keep running a race with no finish line".
Nathan flew out to NZ, and was with them their last week.

As sad as it is, we are trying to focus on the fact that they are in no more pain now, and that they were together, until the end. I'm also so grateful that we have so many happy memories to cherish, both from here, Brunei, the UK and other places we've been together - but above all from our trips to NZ. I'm thankful the kids are old enough to keep remembering them. ❤️ We will miss them deeply.

Here are just a few of those favourite memories:

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