Friday, 22 February 2019


For my birthday in January Linda gave me a voucher for a breakfast and pool day at Park Hyatt at Saadyiat. It's taken a while to find a day that would work for both of us, but on Monday I was finally able to cash it in!

We had a beautiful breakfast down at their Beach House, and chatted away for hours:

It was sunny on Monday, but not particularly warm as the winds were super strong. Been a long time since I've seen waves so big around here! There was no way we were going swimming, ha ha!

We just laid on our sun beds, fully dressed and even with the towels on top of us, had coffee, relaxed, enjoyed the outdoors and a day without any musts.

But it meant that I managed to both catch a cold (...) and get sun burnt on my face, as I had forgot to apply sun screen... Total rookie mistake, the sun gets you even through the wind..!
Anyhow, it was worth it! Top morning!

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