Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Same procedure as last year

A week into the month of June and life is rolling by, slowly, and with the same themes as past June months here in the sandpit: heat, boredom - and goodbyes.

On Monday I went to a farewell coffee morning to see off two friends who are both returning to Sweden this summer. Sad to see them go, but goodbyes are part of the expat life, it's the same every year at this time.

And this coffee morning was my only happening this week, now my calendar is completely empty, until next Monday. Bored is an understatement.

Finally we are expecting a(nother) heat wave in the next few days, with an emerge of cumulus clouds which will cause temperatures between 47 and 50 degrees. Alerts have been circulated with advice on how to deal with these high temperatures. Inside living it is.

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