Wednesday, 27 September 2017


On Sunday we went back to the hospital with a referral to the orthopedic department. They took the first cast off to have a look at Linnea's foot, but unfortunately it was still very much black and blue, so they decided to put a full cast on, for another 10 days at least...

Poor Missy Moo.
It was all a bit exciting I think for the first few days. She enjoyed the extra attention she got with her crutches at school - and the elevator pass..! But it's a hassle getting around school, even though her friends are superstars in helping her carry her backpack and lunch box; it's a pain getting up and down the stairs at home and it takes much longer to have her showers etc.

She certainly is doing her very, very best and she is keeping her spirits up, but I can see she's had enough even though she's being super brave and just gets on with it.
I so feel for her, our little trooper.

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