Sunday, 12 July 2015

My UFOs and me

The kids and I have just come back from a little road trip for the last few days, to the other side of lake Vättern and a lovely place called Vistinge Skola.

For the first time in many years this summer, I was super excited to be able to join one of the big UFO meets that occasionally take place in Sweden during the summer holidays. No, it has nothing to do with mysterious flying objects - it's the FB group I have mentioned quite a few times before, UtlandsFöräldrar.

Some mums came alone, some brought families, or parts of them. We were 8 mums, 12 kids and 4 husbands that gathered together, in this amazing old school building where one of the families lived.
Hamburgers were grilled for dinner, yum yum.

And later on we cracked open the bubbles, and celebrated with UFO cake, of course!

We all stayed overnight, in different rooms of this old school building. This morning we got treated to some lovely breakfast bread brought by one of the mums who lives next door to the "Bakery of The Year", in Stockholm:

The sun finally came back today, so it became time for outdoor activities. Adults and kids were playing kubb and boule, some were swimming, having watergun fights etc. Gotta love the summer sun, aaaahhh!

More bubbles!

And before most of us head off on new summer adventures around different parts of Sweden, we had herring lunch and sweet, sweet strawberries and ice cream. Certainly didn't leave hungry from this stay!

The mini UFOs treated us to a bit of a concert.

What an absolutely fabulous mini-trip! That us mums would have a fantastic time was no surprise, even though some of us met for the first time in real life (for me it was one new mum; three of them I met nine years ago on another gathering in Amsterdam, one in Malaga about 8 years ago, one in Stockholm ten years ago and one last summer) - we do talk every day on FB and we do know each other extremely well!
But the kids, and the husbands for that matter, also all hit it off and have had a great time these past days. All have played and been happy. :)

I hope it wont be another 9-10 years until my next big UFO meet! My UFO friends rock! ❤️

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  1. Hores ut som en fin gruppe! Er det svenske familier utenlands?