Thursday, 16 July 2015

Fire in the hole!

My mum puts a lot of time and effort into her garden all throughout the year, and all those hours in the garden sure pays off - during the summer it transforms into a beautiful green and lush oasis, filled with colourful flowers.

Although not all work in the garden is related to pruning, cutting and caring for the plants and the greenery; some is also prevention and protection, against different creatures not as welcome in the garden. Like the heron, that has been fishing his lunch out of the pond with goldfish; the bunny rabbit eating the salad and the deer feeding on the flowers.
Since last year there has also been a vole living below one of her flower beds, eating the roots of her beautiful flowers. She has tried to get rid of him in many different ways, but nothing has worked, so this year she has stepped it up. The other day the kids got to help set off a "bomb" down the vole hole, made out of carbide and water.

It was quite exciting, and sure made a loud 'boom'! Fire in the hole!!
Not quite sure it took care of the vole, but we do hope so. We "bombed" down both ends of the hole, just to be sure!

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