Wednesday, 24 June 2015

They are back!

So, school is already out for the year for our cousins in Scotland, and they are going to spend some holiday time in NZ for the first time in eight (!) years.
It's a long way to go from Aberdeen to Taupo, so they chose to break their trip here in Abu Dhabi for a few days, and come and stay with us (as the kids and I wont be here when they're on their way home).

They don't really cope well with the heat (well, who does?!), so we have only been doing inside things, playing X-box, going to the mall, getting treated to flute concert, building Lego, watching movies and hanging about.

 It's nice having them here again - I love that the cousins are all such good friends!

Auntie Nikki wanted to go to the gold shop in Dubai, surprise, surprise, so her and I took a little drive up there yesterday. She had some things made to order that we had to wait about for, so we decided to browse Dubai Mall a bit. Since it's Ramadan, it was like a ghost town. No eateries are open during daytime in the Mall in Ramadan, so it was very, very quiet.

We managed to find a coffee shop outside of the mall that was still open, so we could have our lunch. But of course out of respect, you have to sit hidden behind blackened-out windows... It really feels like you are doing something really naughty!

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