Saturday, 25 April 2015

The Man Cave

We finally decided a while ago, not to get a maid, for many reasons. Mainly, we've been here now over a year, and for now, we're doing just fine without one. It's a different lifestyle here to what we were used to from Brunei.

All of a sudden we now had extra space being wasted as storage for a bunch of random things, so we decided to do something better with this room.
I present to you - The Man Cave: (or as it's officially known, The Bike Room...)

Nathan has now been able to permanently set up his trainer, instead of having to move it in and out of the guest room. (We have a lot more guests here, than in Brunei!) This is also where two of his bikes will live from now on.
One of them always on the rollers, with a little side table within reach to put the controllers and the phone etc on; and the protective mat and the fan set up for training. We went to trusty old IKEA and got some Ivar shelving, for him to store all the bike (and car!) gear, and - to keep the TV on. He has installed a Tacx System so that he can do virtual reality riding! A good thing in these hotter months coming up.

The girly touch came from me decorating it with his framed bike photos and posters, which made it cosy and nice! We're both very happy with the result. Me especially as our storage room became a lot less cluttered as a result of the shuffling things around. Win-win!

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