Saturday, 18 April 2015

A hot spot in NZ

After Nathan had spent a few hours in the bike saddle, and in the horse saddle - and I had been doing squats and planks, we felt like a relaxing afternoon at the thermal hot pools would be a good thing. We decided to go to Taupo DeBretts Hot Springs & Pools, another place we hadn't visited before.

It was grey, cold and rainy, but it didn't matter much, as you can see, the pools were warm and nice:

Nathan and I mostly bobbed around in one of the two main healing mineral pools. A perfect way to relax tired and achy muscles!

It's not a huge resort, but it was so beautiful there. The pools are surrounded by tropical palms and native fauna, waterfalls; and bubbling hydrotherapy spots in the pools, where you could lie and enjoy - aaahhh...

The kids mostly played in the water play area, and on the slides! Of course, it wasn't Yas Waterwold standard, but the two curved racing slides, and the big Dragon Slide seemed to keep the kids entertained and happy.


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