Thursday, 31 July 2014

Stockholm i mitt hjärta

The show 'Allsång på Skansen' (=Sing-along at Skansen) has run since 1935, and been televised since 1979. It's one of the most popular and traditional Swedish summer TV programmes, and is broadcast each Tuesday between 8pm-9pm during the summer season.

The show is supposed to be centered around sing-alongs performed by the audience, together with musical guess, to well-known Swedish summer tunes.
There has been many different hosts throughout the years, and the current host is the first ever woman to host the show, Petra Marklund - better known as the pop artist September.

To me, this TV show is the essence of Swedish summer, I watch ot religiously every week and I have always wanted to experience it on site, live.
Well, so does many others... People actually queue every week from early morning when the park opens, to get the coveted seats, and when we arrived at 5pm (it airs at 8pm), it was already packed in front of and all around the stage.

We quickly decided to actually start at the stage, and actually see the dress rehearsal of the show... At least we could then see something!

Because it's Pride Week in Stockholm this week, we got to see and hear this years Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst:

Sure, not all performers were wearing what they were going to wear in the "real" show, but at least they sounded the same!

It was real fun just to be there, in the middle of it all, to experience the atmosphere and see what's going on behind the scenes of the TV show, outside of the cameras!
Linnea was a bit miffed because she had trouble seeing, but Lucas made sure he did. He really enjoyed it all.

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