Sunday, 24 July 2016

Pick up time!

I wasn't the only one getting excited Saturday morning about getting back to Norrköping to pick the kids up from the Sports Camp. I got this in a text from Lucas:

Again us adults congregated in the main arena, this time to watch the Closing Ceremony. Linnea was there with her group, getting ready to perform a couple of dances:

The happy, contagious energy was still there, but the kids all seemed a little bit quieter this time:

The closing ceremony was a mix of videos from the passed week and all the different sports, performances by the dancers and the gymnasts and musical performances too (there had been a music studio in Activity Camp).
I must say, it was a very well organized camp, but I guess after this many years, it is a well oiled machine; plus this was the last week of this year so they had done everything three times already.

And look here what Linnea brought home! She got chosen "Friend of the week" in her group! So proud of her!!

So what else do we have to say about the camp?
It sure was two super tired kids I got back. You don't really sleep much at camp and add to that a full on daily schedule with exercise and training, it was no surprise they were knackered.
I also had forgot to pack them sunscreen, so especially Lucas had got a bit "pink". I also don't think he had remembered to drink enough, cause his lips were terribly dry and he said he had got his stomach issue back. He was worn down in every possible way, bless him.

During the week, Lucas was the one phoning and texting me the most, and the one who had an insy bit of homesickness in the beginning. He also had bad luck and broke the screen on his phone when it dropped out of his pocket one day, which caused him huge distress. So not all a good week for him.

But good experiences or bad, it sure made them grow to spend a week on their own. They got to speak Swedish all the time, make new friends, sport a lot and learn to navigate around another culture. Linnea is already keen on returning next year, Lucas wants to think about it.

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