Sunday, 3 July 2016

Bye Miss Annie and Mr Ben

The Watson B&B was fully booked this weekend, as we also had another couple staying with us last night. Lucas' teacher from Grade 5, Miss Annie, and her husband Ben, who was Lucas' PE teacher this year, were flying out this morning, back to Oregon after two years of teaching here in the sandpit.

Miss Annie and Lucas got a special connection when he was her student, and we have continued to stay in touch as she has also been his CrossFit Kids Coach.
The kids loved having them here, as Annie got right into coaching mode and got them to do gymnastics...

... and Mr Ben taught them some good stretches:

Miss Annie also got to try our new toy, the Virtual Reality helmet that came with the new phone. Quite cool, and even more fun for the people watching the person watching the movie..! Ha ha!

It was lovely to have them come stay with us on their very last night, so that we got to spend some time together before they left for good.
Hopefully one day we'll make it across to the USA, and when we do, we will go visit Oregon for sure - it's such a treasure to have friends in so many places! See you later Entemanns!

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