Thursday, 7 July 2016

New and improved bedroom

When we had Oakley, Linnea started a long campaign to get a new bed in her bedroom. At first we told her that she had only had her bed since we moved here, but as she kept arguing really well for her cause, we gave in and decided we would replace her loft bed with a normal bed.
The second hand market here isn't as busy as it was in Brunei, supply and demand is on a slightly different level, but we said we would try and advertise her loft bed when we got back from the holidays.

The Dehlis have just recently moved house in Dubai after 5 1/2 years in the same villa. Malthe had now decided he wanted to get rid of his sofa bed (to avoid always having to give up his room at every event of visitors) and instead get a loft bed, but they were all sold out at the moment in IKEA - aha-haaa, cue a win-win opportunity!
We helped them take the bed to pieces, which took quite a while.

Unfortunately whilst loading it in their car, one of the seats got stuck in an unfortunate position, so in the end they could only bring the bed base on the roof rack. Nathan will now have to bring the rest of the parts down on Saturday when he takes us to the airport.

Since we don't muck around, we did a quick stop at IKEA to pick up Linnea's new bed in the afternoon, and then we spent several hours in the evening putting it together. It was a family affair, proper team work - Linnea did great helping out (Lucas job was to keep us company...) and being a fab assistant.

She was very keen to get it all ready for the night. Here she is bed all done:

And later on when I went to bed, she was sound asleep. This morning she came and woke me up about 6 am, just to tell me how well she had slept in her new bed..!

Her room has gone a little bit more cramped now obviously, without the extra space that the loft bed created. We might have to reconsider the position of the Ribba shelves that houses all the Schleich animals now that the desk has to stand on that wall. They were initially mounted to fit nicely above the sofa bed. But then again, moving or removing them would show all the holes in the wall...

Her reasoning for changing her bed was very valid - for starters some of her friends never wanted to sleep with her on sleepovers, because they didn't like her high bed. No guests would ever stay in her room, as the high bed was not exactly parent friendly; and Nathan and I would rarely lie with her in the evenings whilst saying goodnight, for that same reason
Finally - if we decide to get another dog after the summer, she wants him/her to be able to jump up and lie on her bed, just as Oakley did on Lucas' bed... Bless.

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