Friday, 15 July 2016

A meet-up at Balthazar

My friend Carin and I went to high school together and after graduating when I did a year in France, she went to Rome.
Now some 20+ years later she is married to an Italian, has three little boys, and still lives there. We last saw them when we went to visit them during our trip to Rome in October 2014. 

This summer both our trips to visit the parentals luckily coincided and we organised to meet up in Skövde, at Balthazar - the Science Center.

 The kids made all sorts of fun stuff in the workshop:

There was things to explore both inside and outside, and the weather was lovely:

We actually spent most of the day there. Kids had a blast and us mums got to hang out and chat in the cafeteria.

For a quick lunch break we took a walk to the city centre and had some hot dogs.

Then back again for the second round at the Science Center.

Such a good day!

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