Saturday, 9 July 2016

On our way!

This is a scheduled post, so hopefully when it is posted, the kids and I will be somewhere in the air in one of these, on our way to Stockholm:

It's time for summer holidays!!
Our travel plans for the next six weeks look something like this:

Today        Arriving Arlanda, then train to Skövde.
9-17/7       Skara
17-23/7     Kids will attend Sports Camp. I will be in and around Stockholm.
23/7-27/7  Mälardalen, hopefully - with Nathan on his off days
28/7-15/8  Skara
2-4/8         Karlstad
12-14/8     Skåne??
15-22/8     Copenhagen area (Arrival date not decided yet)
22/8          Departing Copenhagen for Dubai - and home.

Anyone who would like to meet up, please get in touch on WhatsApp, email or via Facebook!

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