Friday, 8 July 2016

The Jungle Cirque

As during all big holidays here in the UAE, the Yas Mall has put on a lot of happenings during this three day Eid Celebration. During the evenings, they advertised a live show by something called the 'Jungle Cirque'. We had seen the huge stage set earlier in the week, so Linnea and I went last night to have a look what the performance might be.

As I said, the stage set was huge, it almost went all the way up to the roof in the big atrium in Yas Mall. I was excited to see many people turn up to watch the show too.
It had a bit of a jungle theme/story to it, with an explorer as the central character. During his adventure into the jungle, he met acrobatic monkeys and a snake who twisted herself into amazing shapes. All a little bit too "dancey" and theatrical for me, but ok, it set the scene.

The "snake":

But the most impressive artists were the two "Tarzan and Jane", who were swinging from the jungle vines overhead. They were a bit different to your normal acrobat duo, as it was actually the woman being the catcher and the guy (who was not small and slender in any way!) hanging on below:

Super impressive! Please have a look at the short clip down below, that's one strong woman!

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