Thursday, 7 July 2016

An "about time" visit

Just in time before the kids and I shoot off for the summer, we managed to organise a visit from our friends the Dehlis, who live in Dubai. We realised that they haven't been the whole family to see us, since before summer last year!! (Malthe and Freddie came down in September...) Yes, it is absolutely crazy that it's that hard getting together, but with husbands working crazy schedules, Anne on a full time job and five kids with tons of activities, it actually is quite a challenge.

It was so good to catch up and the kids were super excited the Dehlis finally came to stay over at ours, as we have stayed at theirs on numerous occasions, both before and after we moved to the UAE ourselves.

We had BBQ ribs for dinner the first evening and everybody enjoyed hanging out. The next day after a slow morning and big breakfast, we did a quick trip to Yas Mall. It was great to enjoy the happy atmosphere of the first day of Eid, and be able to eat anything anywhere at lunchtime!

Two days to go and I am now finally starting to get in a happier holiday mood. Thanks to all our visitors this past week, it has gone by so fast! (Washing through what feels like all of the sheets in the house after all the sleepovers has also helped to keep time pass..!)

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