Saturday, 18 April 2015

You and me time in NZ

Having no maid anymore since we moved to Abu Dhabi, and with Nathan working a lot more than in Brunei, it's made it more tricky to get some one-on-one time with each of the kids. I took the opportunity now in NZ to get some time with each of the kids on their own.
Lucas wanted to go up to the "mosaic-café", L'Arte, which is one of our favourites. So we did one afternoon, just him and me; enjoyed some coffee and ginger beer and a lovely chat.

Linnea and I did what girls do best, we went shopping, just her and I.
Although for two reasons we didn't go as crazy as we have done previous times in NZ, ehm; firstly there is no need really to buy anything else than NZ-specific things, as we can find everything we could possibly need in Abu Dhabi. Secondly, I realized Abu Dhabi isn't that expensive after all (I have kept thinking it was since I've been comparing with Brunei, duh) - NZ ain't particularly cheap either! Actually, it seemed really expensive to me.

But, we did make a stop at Tank, a lovely juice and smoothie bar. It quickly became Linnea's new favourite and later in the holiday when given the choice, she rather had a smoothie than an ice cream, which says a lot. Mmm!


  1. L'Arte is my favourite cafe I think, can't wait to get back up to Taupo to go there again. I'm glad you had a good time back in NZ!

  2. Yeah, I recognise that...I never really get any alone time with either of the girls. Handsome little man you have - and I agree, Linnea!