Friday, 17 April 2015

Kids' bucket list in NZ

As I mentioned, the kids didn't have a hugely complicated bucket list for things they wanted to do while in NZ... Easy things like "eating Hokey-Pokey ice cream" and "going to the Warehouse" (a huge shop) were covered quickly.
Also after the big Easter Celebration, Lucas got to ride the ride-on lawn mower, to help Granddad take the recycling down to the road (safer just driving, than actually mowing the lawn...):

Both Lucas and Linnea got to try their hand at some drawing, together with Grandma:

Lucas gave up fairly quickly as he didn't really feel any inspiration, but Linnea drew both a pretty pastel kiwi bird that we took home, and a blue bird that she gave to Grandma:

On one of the more sunny mornings it was time for a fishing challenge between the Watsons and the Jones. Lucas was very proud, as he was actually the only one to actually catch a fish!

He did catch a fish last time we were here too, but this one he reeled in all by himself!

It turned into a tasty entree for that evening, yum, yum!

Of course, we made a few stops at the playground in town throughout the holiday. Still a hit!

We also went out to the Taupo Bungy site, as we always do, to look at the crazy people doing the big jump. Unfortunately this day nobody was doing the huge swing while we were there - which looks even more scary!

Another thing especially Lucas likes to do, is play rugby on the big lawn. This time both Granddad and Daddy joined in:

Bucket list completed!

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