Friday, 17 April 2015

Views in NZ

New Zealand is so beautiful. Amazingly beautiful actually. In many ways it has always reminded me of Scandinavia, with the green hills, big mountains, huge forests and amazing views. Only all is bigger in NZ!
Maybe it felt like it was all even more beautiful this time, if that is even possible, coming from the sandpit. All that greenery... aaahhh... makes your soul sing!

Here's a few beautiful views I snapped during our holiday. Starting with the view from Bruce and Yve's Auckland unit where we spent the first night before traveling on to Taupo:

This oversized blue mosaic chair at the start of Mapara Road. Recognize it from somewhere..?

Sunrise from the house. Stunning.

Lake Taupo.

Different views from different walks. Here down by the beach:

From where we launch the boat:

One day I found a bush trail! I got so excited! It was just like doing a hash; like walking through the jungle, watching your step. All so green and lush, and it smelled so good, aaahhh:

Another angle of Lake Taupo:

And again:

The mighty Waikato River, the longest river in NZ, running for 425 km through the north island:

Lake Taupo from the Acacia Bay Straight:

Another view from the house, I never tire of it...

Rolling green hills:

A very stubborn plant! :)

More green, more hills, and a sheep farmer herding some sheep across a field, from a quad bike in the distance:

One of my favourite snaps from this holiday:

Lake Taupo, again:

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