Thursday, 30 April 2015

Grade 3 Art Week Assembly

Earlier this week we got a beautiful invitation from Linnea, to come see the Grade 3 Assembly this morning. The assemblies here are much longer than at JIS, since they do each whole year group at once. There are five classes in each year group that has to take turns showing off what they've learned and studied so far this year.
Here they all are, the Grade 3 kids:

Linnea came up on stage only once, when her class illustrated how you do non-verbal communication. They all showed different actions and Linnea demonstrated how you can say "Continue", without using words:

Her class also performed the last song of the Assembly, "Firework", together with two other classes:

After the Assembly (and after a quick visit to the Health Center after one of the benches fell on her foot while exiting the canteen...), we were invited up to the classrooms to admire the artwork our children have been working on. A lot of lovely creations, here are some:

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