Saturday, 18 April 2015

Biking in NZ

The last few times we've been to NZ, it's been in November, for the "Around-the-lake-race". We've been here both together with the RBA Team, together with Will a few times, and on our own. This means that Nathan on those occasions has been in top form, ready for the 160 km challenge.

Granddad certainly was looking forward to Nathan coming home as usual, to go riding with him. Whilst Bruce is in super shape, Nathan is not so much at the moment... Their love for riding bikes is something they share though. So even though it was really cold, and Nathan was worried about climbing all those NZ hills - it was time for a bike ride or two!

But first, Nathan needed to set up the bike he was borrowing, looks very technical:

Knee warmers... arm warmers... double layers... Brrrrr!

Sure, I was wearing one of Bruce's biking jackets - but I was only going for my walk.

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