Friday, 17 April 2015

Walks in NZ

Desperate to enjoy as much of the greenery, the fresh air and the fascinating bird life as I possibly could over the holidays, I went for a walk most mornings (I only missed two!). They were mostly along the roads around Mapara Road, down to Acacia Bay by the beach or through the bush - varying in length from 6-10 km. Not all walks were warm and sunny, but it was so lovely to be able to be outside and enjoy some exercise.

Here are a few photos I took along the way. The first one is up the long climb which is Mapara Road, Lake Taupo in the background:

The day I found the bush walk:

Pretty flowers...

Another day I found a long set of stairs. Again a Brunei flashback, it reminded me a bit of Bukit Shabandar!

Not all days were as warm, here it was actually raining quite a bit, and I still had that big climb to go:

This day it was raining so much I had to do my workout inside the garage instead. (Yes, Bruce has carpet even in the garage! I still have that carpet burn on my elbows from the planking I did that day..!)

Trying to get Mount Ruapehu in the background. It had snowed all over it this day!

So beautiful... aaahhh...

A little friend who decided to join me through the bush one day, a fantail. He flew and fluttered all around me and even nearly into me, followed me every bit of the way, I felt a bit like Snow White!

I tried to get him in the selfie, but not sure you can really see him in this photo?

Another nice view of Lake Taupo:

My last walk, included a quick coffee break in the sun at L'Arte Café:

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  1. Beautiful - both scenery and you! I love the cool rainy days - my favourite time of year!