Saturday, 18 April 2015

Brunei in NZ

When Nathan had arrived, we caught up with some friends from Brunei, the Mildenhalls. They left a few months before us to come back home and now live in Palmerston North, further south on the North Island. They came up for the weekend, and had a few dinners up at the house with us, and also came along on the fishing trip. It was really good to see them again!

Hanging out modern kids style - with TV and iPads...

On another night, actually the only night we actually went out for dinner, down at The Bay - we met some other Brunei people. Or at least Brunei-by-proxy! As we sat there waiting for our food, a couple walked in that I recognized but couldn't quite place. I thought it was some of Bruce and Yve's friends.

But no wonder I had trouble placing them - it was Will's dad Pete and his wife Cath! They don't live anywhere near Taupo, but were out with their caravan for a few days. They had parked up at the caravan park down the road and had decided to go back to The Bay where we had taken them when they came over 2 1/2 years ago, to cheer Will & Nathan on in the bike race! Imagine their reaction when they saw us sitting there!

Such a nice surprise, and what a nice evening we had!

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