Friday, 17 April 2015

Easter in NZ

Easter happened while we were in NZ. For Kiwis that mostly means - chocolate overload.
Rowley and Lorraine came over to stay for a few days. Old friends of Grandma and Granddad who we've met many times before. Rowley and Linnea played scissors, paper, rock:

And on Easter Sunday, the Easter Bunny had been past with some gifts in the morning. Some Icebreaker t-shirts, a Black Caps cap for Linnea, and a Chiefs jersey for Lucas. Happy days!

Bruce and Yvonne had a group of friends come over for Easter Lunch. I'm not quite sure if there is a big tradition in NZ on specific Easter food, like it is in Scandinavia - because we had pizzas! Very yummy pizzas though, cooked in the new pizza oven outside.

There was something traditional though, an Easter Egg Hunt! Linnea and Lucas were joined by Angus and Annabelle, the only other two children at the party:

Many different clues were read out, and off they went to search high and low for Easter Eggs and other treats, hidden all around in Grandma's garden:

Unfortunately they didn't get to find all of them, because the dog from next door had already been in quite a few of them! Oups... But they still had lots of fun and were well occupied for quite a while.

I do think the loot was more than enough once they were all done..! Chocolate overload indeed!

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