Friday, 17 April 2015

Thrills in NZ

The kids and I got a head start on the holidays and spend a little over a week on our own with Grandma and Granddad before Nathan turned up. We mostly chilled and took it easy, since there was a lot of "We'll-do-this-and-do-that-when-Nathan-gets-here".
The kids were easy to please - on their bucket list was going to the playground, have Hokey-Pokey ice cream, go to the Warehouse, go fishing, paint with Grandma and help mow the lawns.

A few days in, I felt like I needed some action though, so we took a day in Rotorua. Linnea's teacher had been flagging for that she seemed like she was struggling whilst reading at school, so we wanted to get her eyes tested. Since the optician in Taupo was refurbishing, we had to book an appointment in Rotorua.

Yes, turns out she is longsighted. So on a strong recommendation from the optician, we will get her some glasses that will help her relax whilst reading, which will be the only time she will be needing them.

After the optician appointment, we went up to the Skyline  Gondola & Luge. We have done the Luge in both Queenstown and Singapore, and been to Rotorua many times, but never done it there - so it was time! First we needed to get in the gondola for the trip up the mountain:

We had bought a package deal with six rides. I thought we might end up doing two each, but Linnea actually wasn't all that keen after her first ride to go again, so we shared one more ride, and Lucas got to do the two last ones - he went from the Scenic we did together, to the Intermediate and finally the Advanced track!

Going back up on the lift was actually the scariest part!

Beautiful views though, if you dared looking back!

Here's Lucas on his last ride, no fear at all!

While we waited for him to come back up again, Linnea and I went to the Jelly Bean factory.

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