Saturday, 24 June 2017

Midsommar 2017

Oh the joy of actually being in Sweden, for the real Midsommar! It was our first time back since the kids were really small. Bliss! Summer holidays - let's go!

We started our day with strawberry cake, of course!

Linnea and I wore flowers in our hair.

We went to Härlunda to celebrate Midsommar there, together with my cousin Emma and her family. We arrived just in time to see them raise the maypole:

I have the best kids in the world. I sure didn't see any other 13+ year old boys who humoured their mothers and danced around the maypole, but mine did! Warmed my heart. ♡

"Tre små gummor" (... and Sixten!)

"Björnen sover". Yes, we danced to all the Midsommar "hits"! Very traditional, and very lovely!

Sixten looked fly in his shirt and tiny bow tie, and of course, beautiful flower wreath.

After the dancing it was time to try all the games and other fun stuff offered. Lucas tried his hand on some shooting:

There was also 'fika' offered, and different tombolas. We did the quiz walk, but unfortunately we got caught in the rain and got soaked before we made it back. Brrrr!

Linnea won 1st prize in the candy tombola!

Midsommar dinner, herring, meatballs, sausages, new potatoes etc - mmm!

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