Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Very special guests

Saturday was a busy day for us. Lucas went to the weekend session of his CrossFit, and straight after that in the morning we all went to Yas Mall for some necessary shopping and lunch. In the afternoon Linnea and I went to a park nearby for a 4th birthday party and then I took off to Dubai in the evening. I had a few jobs to do, and a very special pickup of some very special people - Nicole and Gemma.

They came to stay with us for a few days, and what busy days we've had!
Since the kids will be off school for an extra week after Spring Break, while we are in NZ, I couldn't keep them home any more at the moment, so unfortunately they had to go to school on Sunday. I took Nicole and Gemma to see the beautiful Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque:

Barefoot on the worlds biggest handwoven carpet:

After a lovely lunch and a trip to the supermarket (when you live in Brunei, that's exotic you know!), we picked the kids up and went home. We wanted them to have the chance to just reconnect, play and chill and have a relaxing afternoon. Bron and her clan came by for a little bit as well:

And in the evening it was time for girls night out. It wasn't as wild as it sounds, we just went out for dinner and a glass of wine. But we talked and talked for hours... So lovely to have my friend here.

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