Friday, 13 November 2015

Winner winner!

One of the reasons we looked forward to moving here to the UAE, was all the amazing things we would be able to do, explore, see and experience; concerts, museums, festivals, exhibitions etc. All the things that didn't exist in Brunei.

What we didn't really consider, was how insanely expensive everything is here..! Sure, there are LOADS of choices in activities and happenings, something exciting on every weekend - but, you can't do it all anyway because you can't afford to!
(They say to enjoy the UAE lifestyle to the max, you need to be "Dinkies" = Double-Income-No-Kids-couples, they can have a really good life here!)

Anyway, if you are a bit savvy, you can still do a lot, without breaking the bank. Etihad employees are lucky to get a discount many places here in the capital, both in shops and restaurants. There is also The Entertainer you can buy, a sort of massive voucher book filled with 2-for-1 deals and other offers, on everything from restaurants to desert safaris. Another good thing to keep an eye on is Groupon, a website that has different offers, on spa treatments, Friday brunches etc etc. You can really find a lot of good deals, if you are a bit on to it!

Or - you can be a really lucky duck, and win stuff, like I did yesterday!!!
I answered a question on the Yas Mall Facebook page, and I WON, two Gold tickets to "The Illusionists 1903" show, currently here in Abu Dhabi. Woo-hoooo!

We went to this show last year when they came to Abu Dhabi, and it was an excellent show. I would have loved to take everybody again this year, but... as I said... expensive... So winning these tickets made me super happy! I can't wait for tonight!

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