Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Relaxing at Yas Beach

I really haven't been often enough to the beach here in Abu Dhabi. For two reasons mainly:
There is only one free public beach, and it's all the way in the city, so we never go there as it's way too far; and I honestly dislike immensely having to pay to be on the beach.
Secondly, I kind of don't really like the beach, I much prefer laying by a pool. Yeah I know, it's a bit silly not liking sand, and live where we live, but there you go.

Saturday I still wanted to finally spend some quality time with the girls though, and they were keen on some sun - so we opted for a few hours at Yas Beach.

Lovely sunny, blue skies and perfectly tempered water, live DJ music and a cool and chilled atmosphere. Just what we needed, aahhh!

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